Life’s synchronicities were too strong not to allow the paths of Tahnee and Milina to cross.

Meeting through their blogs, they soon realised they were living parallel lives.  They had so much in common.
They both had three children, all born within weeks of each other. Their firstborns even sharing a name.

As they published new posts they began to recognise so much more in each other’s stories.
As online time passed, a meeting in real life became inevitable, and a strong friendship was born.
They have become the friends that would comfortably go into each other’s fridges and kick the door closed with their foot.

A Year of Motherhood was born from a mutual love of photographing and documenting the joys, the struggles, the mundane of being stay-at-home-mums.
Capturing the small moments that often go missed, but are still so significant, and which bring life to everyday.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

'Happiness is in the journey, not the destination'